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Reinaldo Colucci Top 5 in Clearwater

Two days ago, november 9th, the 70.3km Ironman World Champinship was held at Clearwater, Fl, U.S. The Kiwi Terenzo Bozonne was the champion with a respectable time of 3:40:10. He won won with a great running time of 1:12 in 21km.

Reinaldo Colucci, Brazil's grandest athlete and hope, did not back off and finished fifth, an excellente position, showing everybody he can compete at a high level with the best athletes of the world today.

Other big names of the event were Oscar Galindez, Argentinian, living in Brazil and the Goiania native Santhiago Arsenco finishing fourth and thirteenth respectively. Arsenco had a recovery race and finished with an excellent running time to still finish at an excellent position. 
On the amateurs side , Sao Paulo native Joachim Doeding won the 70.3 km Ironman World Championship in the 50-54 age group. Joachim beat the legendary Joe Bonness, known as an excellent amateur and winner of various stages of his age group in Kona. Our Brazilian athlete finished with an excellent time of 4:19:21, unbelievable for his 52 years of age. Congratulations!!

On the women's race Joanna Zieger showed she still has it. She won the 70.3 km event at 39 years of age. Fourth place finisher at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Australia and top 5 at the Hawaii Ironman, this win tops of an excellent career and crowns an all around athlete.

Results as posted below: 

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