terça-feira, 4 de novembro de 2008

Evans and Bella win the IM Florida

The first Ironman after the Wolrd Championship in Hawaii was held yesterday in Panama City, Florida.

On the men's side, with the presence of the Dane Tobjorn Sindballen, the cycling stage was held at an awesome pace. The Canadian, Tom Evans, even at 40 years of age showed his strength following Tobjorn at a distance and at the end he opened a 2 to 3 minute gap nearing the second transition. Evans cycling time was the best ever registered, (4:18).

It was clear to Evans that with a considerable gap and no great competitor chasing him he knew that completing the running part in 3 hours would secure his second Ironman title of the year. Indeed, it happened with his personal best and record time of 8:07:59.

On the women's race Bella Comerford showed personality and consistency at the 3 stages of her race, to win with relative ease her fourth Ironman and fifth title in Florida. Bella finished with a time of 9:07:48, few minutes ahead of Tamara Kozulina. 

Finishing positions as shown below:

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