segunda-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2008


Speaking today with a professional triathlete I noticed the wrong steps triathlon is taking in our country.

The number of people who do triathlon is growing in an enormous rate. Sadly in our country what we see is the complete opposite.

Our Federations and Associations haven't take any measures towards the growth of our sport. They should invest in bringing grand sponsors to higher quality events and also sponsoring our talented athletes. There is a huge lack of union and a surprising battle between event organizers and Federations. Events happening in the same day are a great example of the misscomunication of both.

Another negative aspect is the way our professional athletes are treated by the event organizers. To maintain a growing and inspiring sport you have to have idols. What would Brazil be in Beijing 2008 without Maureen Maggi and Cesar Cielo? Them and other athletes gave us more than just medals. They gave hope and inspiration for us and for future generations. Professional athletes must be treated with respect and generosity. Accomodations and fees should be taken care of by the event organizers. It is only fair that prize money should be compatible with entry fees.

It's sad to hear that the last Brazilian Champioship, held in Fortaleza, had less than 100 athletes competing. There is something very wrong. Only the union between athletes, Federations and event organizers will be able to make a difference.

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